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News Article - March 16, 2016

Antelope’s CentraMax® RT1 Excels in Under-Reamed Well Challenges for Operator in the Gulf of Mexico– Saving 60 Percent On Casing Centralization

HOUSTON, TX (March 16, 2016) – Antelope Oil Tool (AOT), an industry leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality patented casing and cementation equipment, adds another successful run with their CentraMax® RT1 Centralizer in deepwater deviated and under-reamed wellbores, saving 60 percent on casing centralization. 

A customer drilling in 7,000’ in the Gulf of Mexico faced a challenging casing string application that required them to run a very deep and heavy weight 16” liner to a record depth in a deviated and under-reamed well. The Operator was required to run the 16” casing through an 18.25” ID restriction at the 18” supplemental hanger through an 18.125” ID restriction at the 22” casing shoe track. The 16” liner was to be run to 24,000’ and centralized in a 21” under-reamed hole with 22° of inclination. The liner was a mixed string of 16’ 97# and 16.15’ 127# casing and weighed well over 2,000,000 lbs. The weight was such that the client would not have been able to POOH after the shoe reached 19,000’ making the centralization even more critical.

Utilizing Antelope’s CentraMax® RT1 single-piece centralizer with a WearSox® internal thermal spray metal stop, they were able to run the casing to bottom, achieving a great cement job. 

Operators face tough challenges when centralizing casing in tight tolerance deepwater wells. Among those tough challenges is the product decision to help guide casing to bottom and achieve a successful primary cement job. Rather than utilize centralizer subs (a more standard offering), the Operator opted to run Antelope’s proprietary “On-The-Pipe Solution” for a technically superior alternative.

“These products are really starting to make traction in the close tolerance centralizer market. Their ability to centralize casing in the toughest and tightest environments, and the huge cost savings our clients receive from utilizing this product line is exactly what we had in mind when we designed the CentraMax® CT line,” said Bill Kelley, President and CEO. 

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Antelope Oil Tool, LLC is an industry-leading designer, manufacturer and seller of patented centralization and cementation equipment for the oil and gas industry. Founded in 1961 and headquarter in Houston, Antelope operates in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, onshore U.S. and several international locations. Antelope’s custom solutions featuring tight tolerance centralization designs, WearSox® thermal spray applications and MCC composite products, help companies improve well performance. For more information about Antelope, visit

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