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Centralizers and Accessories

At Antelope Oil Tool, we’ve built our reputation supplying the oil industry with high-quality centralizers and related accessories of all types and varieties. We offer five distinct classes of centralizers in hinged and slip-on designs, as well as stop collars, wire scratchers and other accessories. No matter what cementing challenges you face, from close tolerances to wellbore doglegs to rough-cut windows, a centralizer solution is only a phone call with an Antelope expert away.

Featured Centralizers

700 Series

Hinged, Welded, Imperial Bow Centralizer

The 700 Series Centralizer uses hinge pins to secure the hinged designed end collars together around the casing, while straight bow springs are welded onto the end collars. The design is hinged for easy installation and is normally run over a stop collar or coupling. 

PT1 Small Product

CentraMax® PT1

Unique to the market, this centralizer option for ultra-close tolerance applications allows the centralizer to be pulled both in and out of the restriction with specially designed windows in the end collars.


  • Decreases RIH time
  • Multiple units per casing joint can be installed as needed

Anchored to the casing via one of Antelope’s unique proprietary technologies--either the WearSox® thermal spray metal or MCC mechanically bonded stops--the PT1 guarantees an excellent cement job. 

RT1 Small Product

CentraMax® RT1

The RT1 is a close tolerance centralizer that provides operators a technically superior alternative to in-line centralizer subs. It is pulled in both directions using either a WearSox® or MCC band inside the centralizer between end collars, leaving the RT1 free to rotate.   


  • Extremely low friction and coefficient levels
  • Single piece of steel means no welds on bows for enhanced integrity

The unique design prevents the anchoring device from getting underneath in interface between the bows and the end collars, increasing safety and maximizing performance.

Spiral Blade Centralizer


We custom build each WearSox® Centralizer with machine-shop accuracy according to the requirements of each job.


  • Free-standing blades with no connecting collar maximizes flow-by area
  • Minimizes impact on equivalent circulating density (ECD)

However many blades you need, whether helical or straight, in whatever dimensions, we make it to order. Using computer simulations, our knowledgeable team can help you determine the ideal number and placement of centralizers needed, as well as make dimensional recommendations for all casing and hole size combinations.

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