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Centralizers and Accessories

Cable Wipers

Antelope offers two primary styles of wall wipers, designed to clean the wellbore as the casing is reciprocated or rotated. The wipers aid in the removal of excess filter cake, gelled mud and bit cuttings from the wellbore, and also serve as reinforcement in the cement column.

300 Series

Hinged, Reciprocating Wall Wiper

The hinged 300 Series is able to maintain a powerful grip without harming the casing via a draw-bolt tightening mechanism, thus removing the need for a stop collar. This reciprocating wiper is recommended for use with all standard casing grades and versions are available for all standard casing sizes. 

330 Series

Rotating Wiper

For cleaning of the wellbore by rotating the casing, the 330 Series is Antelope’s five-foot-long steel channel with looped cable. It may be installed either by welding it directly to the casing or pairing it with over-sized stop collars (or standard stop collars with longer bolt). This “one-size-fits-all” wiper is compatible with all standard casing grades. 

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