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Multi-Layer Composite Centralizer

Raising the Bar for Centralization

Antelope’s revolutionary Multi-layer Composite Centralizer (MCC) combines industry-leading durability with superior performance in a structural centralizer that’s easily installed anywhere. The composite materials are resistant to temperature, shear, impact, compression and surface adhesion, making it one of the most casing-friendly centralizers on the market. Its extremely low friction factor and high wear resistance make it a must-have oil tool for technically demanding wellbores.

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MCC Pull Through Small Product

MCC Stops

Custom-made to fit the geometry of the window in the centralizer, stop collars built with MCC technology gain the benefit of increased standoff and simple application.   


  • Comparable to StopSox
  • Part of Antelope's Deepwater Solutions

Easily installed on-site, MCC stops represent the perfect combination of operational flexibility and superior performance. 

MCC WearBand

MCC Wear Bands

Market-leading wear resistance in our MCC Wear Bands makes them an economical way to preserve the integrity of the casing.     


  • Improved surface adhesion
  • Casing-friendly surface

The bands are applied directly onto the drill pipe to protect it while rotating during drilling downhole. 

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