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WearSox®: A Better Alternative

Since 2004, WearSox® has been providing a unique solution for casing centralizers and stabilizers. Through a twin wire arc thermal spray process, a thick, robust coating is created and used to build and form durable shapes directly onto metal, without affecting the metallurgy. This revolutionary technology enables oilfield operators to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the drilling process, providing centralization, stabilization and wear resistance to casing and other downhole tools. The patented WearSox® alloy may be applied at our facilities in Houston, Texas or Stavanger, Norway, and then put to work anywhere in the world.

Extraordinary Performance

Compared with metal downhole tools, WearSox® creates centralizers and stabilizers that are denser and stronger. They also facilitate a lower friction coefficient on the casing, which increases durability and results in an efficient, cost-effective solution for high production rates. Unlike other thermal sprays that are limited to very thin formations, WearSox® can be applied in deposits as thick as 3”. And by keeping the application temperature low, we are able to protect the integrity of the casing string.

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